Saturday, August 15, 2009

Not really a tip, just a funny example of how serious I am about this

It occurred to me this morning that hubby and I have made a science out of this whole frugal living concept. I spend at least an hour every day looking for bargains and online coupons. I spend a few hours a week research the various ways to make money online. I Twitter relentlessly. I not only want to make extra money from home, I want to make all of my money from home. I accepted all of this as a part of my life, but this mornings activities kind of brought it all home, so to speak.

My husband, who has previously not paid much attention to my online efforts, sat at his computer yelling "Woohoo!" because he got paid $5 for a survey - he's been hooked into my world of online cash. He is also very excited to have received a package in the mail that contained three pair of underwear. Why is this exciting? Because he is being paid to wear them, wash them, and review them (I even woohoo-ed about that one).

The crowning moment this morning was when I changed the toilet paper roll. I logged the date I opened the new package, how many rolls, the brand, and the fact that they were double rolls. This is my attempt to locate the best, yet cheapest, toilet paper. Is this hard core frugal living, or what?!

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