Sunday, December 20, 2009

EzLaptop scam

For several months I have been reading ads to earn a free laptop from I finally reached the required number of credits and clicked the link to claim my laptop. I got no confirmation email, not have they replied to any of my emails asking for the status of my shipment. Now let me say this - I went into this with my eyes open, knowing that there was a 99% chance that this was a scam. I am quite tired of these sites that make big promises and then scam their loyal members, so I am prepared to file a complaint against these folks. I am going to bulldog this one, folks, and I'll keep you updated as to my progress, or lack thereof. For any of you who have had issues with this site, full contact information can be found here:

Let's band together and let them know that this is unacceptable!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Attention: Spammers

This is for the individual who somehow thinks that anyone will want to read his spam comments on my blog. No one wants to invest in your schemes. That should be obvious to you by now, since you have had to resort to spamming blogs, which seems to be quite a desperate act. Because of you and your very unwelcome crap, I have set my blog to comment moderation. I will now have to view your tripe before I delete it, but at least my readers won't be subjected to it. To my readers, I apologize for the delay this will cause when you post a comment, but the spammer left me no choice. I refuse to allow you to be spammed on my watch.