Sunday, August 2, 2009

A couple of tips

I sat down this week and tallied up what I had saved in coupons, and then decided to figure what the best source of coupons is. I looked at where I had gotten the best coupons from and decided to share with you where I got them. By the way, I saved $37.00 this week by using coupons!

Internet coupons are by far the best, but not just those you get from coupon sites. Go to manufacturer sites and you can often find great coupons and special offers that aren't advertised anywhere. For example, hubby is a smoker, and Marlboro was giving away 2 one dollar coupons every day for 30 days. That's a $60 savings, my friends! Betty Crocker almost always has great coupons on their site, I check there regularly. The next best sites are the free sites that let you print coupons, such as If you do a search for free Internet coupons you will come up with three or four sites that you can use. I generally get at least $5 a week in savings from these. The only drawback to Internet coupons is that most cannot be doubled. If your store has a double coupon day, save your newspaper and manufacturer coupons to use on those days. That leads me to my final tip. Look for stores with double coupon days and make sure you schedule your shopping trip on those days, you will save a ton.

I hope these tips help a little, now get off of my blog and start looking for coupons! Have an awesome day!

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