Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick Tip

I just wanted to give you a brief quick tip about broccoli. Being broccoli lovers, we have tried virtually every brand on the market. Every time I buy fresh broccoli, by the time I get all the stems and leaves cut off, I have about a fourth of what I actually paid for - not cost effective at all! Every brand of frozen broccoli I have tried has been at least (if not more) 50% stems. I have even emailed popular companies to ask them why, and gotten back various non-answers about the "proper stem to floret ratio." If I buy something, I want to use it all, not what they think the ratio of edible vs. non-edible should be! I have finally found the holy grail of cost effective, tasty broccoli. Walmart has a 5 lb bag of broccoli florets for less than $6. Did you catch that? FLORETS! You get all of what you pay for, and it tastes great. They also have other veggies packaged this way as well. Compare the price per pound to other brands and you will see that there is a huge savings to be had here. Yum!