Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cutting The Cost For Soups and Stews

I just wanted to share a quick tip about a method I use to make a cheap meal even cheaper. We all probably already use leftover chicken or beef to turn it into a second meal of soup or stew. I've found a way to take that frugal meal a little farther, making it even more frugal but still as tasty. So here's how I get the cheapest meal possible from leftovers...when I'm doing the clean up after a meal, it seems there are always just a few vegetables left, but not enough for another meal. I have started keeping a large container in my freezer and I dump that small amount of leftover vegetables in there. I just keep adding to the container after every meal. When I'm ready to make soup or stew, I have a ready source of mixed vegetables without buying any or using vegetables I have in the cupboard. This makes my soup or stew almost a freebie, since it's made of things that might otherwise be thrown out. So, start your veggie container today!