Friday, September 25, 2009

The Junk Store - A Classic Treasure!

Today I happened upon something that I should have known about all along. I wandered into a second-hand store. It is sort of an eclectic mix of wares. They sell tires and car batteries, jewelry, electronics, clothes, toys, etc. Virtually any kind of item can be found there. Not only could I stand to save a few bucks on items I need, but the thought came to me that they have to get the stuff somewhere, so why not from me? I went home and gathered a few things I thought might be of value and went back. Long story short, I made $50! I also established a business relationship that will help me the next time I need to unload some stuff for extra cash. The best part? Since I gave them my stuff at a good price, I got a good price on new tires for my car, and they agreed hold them until payday. If I had taken the time to gather more stuff to sell, I might have even been able to get the tires free. I will be looking around for other consignment shops and "junk stores' in my new quest to unload extra items and earn extra cash. I'll bet you have some in your neighborhood too.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saving money with plastic cola bottles

I found a great article on the ways you can reuse plastic soda bottles and save yourself some cash.>1=32001