Sunday, January 24, 2010

Looking for low cost car insurance quotes?

In my constant search to find new ways to save money on things I have to buy, I think I have found the holy grail of cheaper care insurance. I always stayed with the company that has the little green lizard-type fellow, assuming that it must be the cheapest car insurance. Boy was I wrong! As a long time member of MyPoints rewards program, I decided to check out car insurance rates through their website. I used the NetQuote portal from their site to find car insurance rates better than I currently had. Talk about low cost! Almost all of the car insurance quotes were less than half of what I was paying. I was paying $65 a month through my previous car insurance company, and I found a policy that is only costing me $21 a month for the same coverage. MyPoints, of course, gave me rewards points for buying car insurance through them, to the tune of 5,000 points, which is almost enough for a $40 gasoline card. It’s like getting my first two months insurance premiums paid for. If you aren’t a member of MyPoints, you should be. If you aren’t interested in joining them, at least take a few minutes to check out, you’ll be glad you did.