Saturday, February 4, 2012

Free Ebooks

Okay, I know eReaders are expensive, but if you have been living the frugal lifestyle, you know you can get one from eBay on the cheap. If you are still thinking they are an unnecessary expense, allow me to enlighten you. If you are an avid reader, you already know how expensive books are. If you are lucky enough to have a friend who reads the same genre that you do, maybe you can trade. You still have to have books to trade, so there is still an expense involved. You can buy them at thrift stores, cheaper than new books but still sapping your hard-earned cash. Now you're thinking, "What about the library?" If you've noticed the price of gas lately, the library costs you money even though the books are free. Not to mention late fees if you forget, or the hassle of having to hurry up and finish a book before the due date. For all the options ranging from brand new books to the library, your cash is still involved. Enter the eReader, a one time expense. I know you're thinking that eBooks cost money, right? Wrong! I purchased a three month old android tablet/eReader from eBay that still had the original receipt and extended warranty with it, and I got it for $85. Since then, I have done my homework and found many sites to get free eBooks. If you are on FaceBook (you know you are), my favorite page is "Free Nook Books etc". While you're on FaceBook, do a search for the page and then "like" it. The wonderful page owner, Tina, posts many free NookBooks every day. These are ePub files and will work on almost any eReader, laptop, or tablet. I was a bit suspect of anything free, but I have read some truly awesome books that were completely free. My other suggestion is your library. Almost all libraries have a digital section now, and you can download to your hearts' content. You do have to worry about the due date, but you never have to worry about late fees because the books just expire on the due date. If there is anyway you can manage snagging a cheap eReader, do it! You will never have to pay for a book again.