Monday, July 29, 2013

For Smokers Only: Save a ton of cash with e-cigarettes

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about e-cigarettes, and how much cash you will save if you switch. I wanted to post sooner, but I feared my enthusiasm was simply brought about by the newness of my stylish e-cigarette. Now that I have some time under my belt, I think it's fair to say that I no longer smoke cigarettes. The statistics shown in my screenshot are for my husband and I combined. As you can see, we have saved well over $2000.00, not to mention the time added to our lives. There are others ways that switching to e-cigarettes can save you money, and perhaps you hadn't thought of these. First, how many times have you run out of cigarettes and had to make a special trip to the store to get them? Gas is certainly not cheap, and all those little jaunts to feed your addiction will add up. Second, burn holes. Holes in your car upholstery, your blanket, your clothes. The saving there are obvious. Third, cleaning expenses go way down once you make the switch to e-cigarettes. No more tar coating your walls, furniture, curtains, etc. I could not believe what a filthy habit I had given up; it took me a month of cleaning to get everything clean again, but now it stays pretty clean. Household cleaners are pretty expensive, and you will use less once you switch. Fourth, insurance premiums will go down after you have quit for one year, because your medical expenses will likely go down as well. We spent around $80.00 for our initial e-cigarette kits, still cheaper than a carton of cigarettes. We are spending an average of $25.00 a month for liquid nicotine. I sometimes spent that much in a DAY for regular cigarettes. We did some research and decided on Halo brand rechargeable, refillable e-cigarettes. I am not necessarily endorsing the brand, but one of the reasons we chose them is because their nicotine is made in the United States, so I feel more confident about the ingredients. Disposable e-cigarettes can end up being costly, but we have really hit our cash-saving groove with the rechargeable ones. Now that we have our hardware, we order bottles of nicotine to keep them filled. Bottom line, if you just can't give up the nicotine, e-cigarettes are the way to go. The cash savings is indisputable, and like me, you may find that you can take it or leave it after a few months. Do your research, and give it a try.