Sunday, April 27, 2008

Making a little extra cash

Well, I tried this a couple of nights ago, but the website was down for maintenance and I lost the whole page, so here I go again. What I wanted to talk about was way to make a little extra cash to get you through some hard times. None of my resources will make you rich, and I haven't been paid for promoting them. The are genuine resources I have used, and they have put groceries on my table more than once.

The first one, of course, is eBay. First, make sure your PayPal account is set up properly so you can maximize your profit. Your PayPal account should be set up as a Business Premier account. If you are selling on eBay, this is perfectly legit. This will give you a cash back bonus when you use your PayPal debit card. You do have a debit card, right? If not, that is step two. It works just like your check card, but with a 1.5% cash back bonus when yo use it. Third, sign up for a PayPal mutual fund. Any balance in your account will then start drawing interest monthly. Now your ready to sell on eBay. Here's link that can help you decide what you need to charge for your items. It even calculates eBay fees for you. Make sure you research similar products on eBay to see what others are paying for them, and what shipping fees are being charged. It's better to start your initial price low. This will assure you of a lower insertion fee and attract more bidders.

Another way to pick up some decent cash is by selling your used books. If you have fairly recent college texts, Cash4Books, found at is a great resource. I recently sold four books and netted $59.00. If you accept their payment to you via your PayPal account, you get a bonus. The only drawback if you are in dire need of cash is that it takes about two weeks to get the money. They provide you with a prepaid shipping label bu it is Media Mail, which is very slow.

Another source of cash is This is a fairly new site where you can list items you have for sale. The beauty of it is that they not only don't charge a fee to list, they pay you .25 for each item you list. All they ask is that you upload an original (not stock) photo so they know it's really your item.

Last but not least is Amazon's Mechanical Turk use the Google search box at the top left of this page to find it). This is an amazing site where people post little jobs they need done and pay you for them. For example, I just posted to a guys blog and he paid me a quarter. I know that doesn't sound like much, but there are hundreds of thousands of these little jobs. Do a few each night and they add up. I usually get in six to ten a night.

This little list should give you a start on your extra cash flow. My next blog will be a review of paid survey sites. I promise to only post legit sites, no $500 gift cards if you sign up for 7,000 offers! They will be sites that I personally belong to and have been a member long enough to get paid. I may even talk about being a mail decoy...yes, that job does exist, but it's top secret.

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