Monday, April 21, 2008

I am soooooo waiting on you guys!

Okay, look, I can't be frugal every single minute of every single day. Well, maybe most days. What I really need is for you guys to start adding your own tips for being frugal here. How do you save money? What little tips do you have the corner market on? Let's even stretch this a bit. How about some tips on saving time, or saving energy? Organizing tips would be a great addition as well. I know there have to be some Dave Ramsey fans out there who can bring a whole new meaning to frugal living, so let's hear it!

I'm planning to continue building my website links on the left, and adding more ideas here. I would like to start an eBay discussion, but I'll need some input from you folks first. What ways other than eBay can a person make some extra money? With your help we can put together some great ideas!

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