Friday, October 30, 2009

Free cell phone and free minutes!!

I was so excited about this that I couldn't wait to get it posted! I found a link on my state's Job and Family Services website that said "Get a free cell phone." Intrigued, I clicked on it. Apparently, those who qualify by income can receive a free cell phone and free minutes from SafeLink Wireless. If you are already qualified for HEAP, Medicaid, food stamps, etc., you automatically qualify for the phone program. If you are not on any of these programs, you can still qualify by submitting proof of income. Well, since my family is enrolled in the HEAP program, I filled out a very simple application online and submitted it. Within 10 minutes I received a message that said I had been approved and would receive my phone within 5-10 business days! Please, please, please email this post to anyone you know who could benefit from this program. Most of us are driving crappy cars that break down all the time, now you can have the security of knowing you can call someone for help. What a great way to restore a sense of security to those of us who can't afford cell phones.

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