Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beware of eBay and PayPal

I am pleased to say that my eBay activity had been steadily increasing, as was my income from it. I WAS on my way to building a full time income. I say was, because it is looking like it will all go down the drain, thanks to eBay/PayPal "security" measures. I have been working a couple of online jobs that pay via PP, as well as selling some eBay items on consignment for a commission. I began selling high end items,which generated a substantial influx of cash to my PP account. Within 48 hrs I ran a lot of money through there, including a large WU payment. For some reason,PP froze my account, saying I had to ship items and provide a tracking number to resolve the issue. Well, it's a bit hard to pay a drop shipper and get a tracking number when the acct with the money in it is frozen. Instead, I refunded the buyers their money with a note of explanation. The buyers whose items I had already paid the drop shippers for were sent emails explaining that I would send them tracking info as soon as I receive it. I also had two cash transfers from individuals who did not have a PP acct, I simply transferred the money along to another acct. PP is also asking for tracking numbers for the cash transfers, even though I sent them an email explaining that they were not payment for goods received. I got an automated response from New Delhi, India that said I must provide tracking numbers. See the dilemma here? Apparently, if you become successful, you become suspect as well. eBay froze my account just because P did. Beware!

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