Friday, April 24, 2009

A Real Live Actual Legit Work At Home Internet Job

I found a great site where you can actually work from home. The site is definitely legit. You have to apply, take skills tests, and then do a bit of work to build your online resume. Once you have passed the appropriate tests, you are then permitted to apply for posted jobs. There are categories such as data entry, administrative support, web development, customer service, etc. I will warn you that the tests are not easy and you are expected to create a cover letter for each job you apply for. It has a bidding component to it, in that you put in the lowest you are willing to do the job for. Some are fixed prices per job, some are paid hourly. Most of the hourly rates are pretty low, but then you can sit in your undies and do the work. There is no referral bonus, no ads, no hype, just jobs. Someone in a MyLot discussion actually told me about this and I applied right away. >>>>>


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